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Ausstellungen im Restaurant Ziegel oh Lac
Die Ausstellungen im Ziegel sollen interessierten KünstlerInnen eine Plattform bieten, ihre Werke einem breiten Publikum zu präsentieren und zum Kauf anzubieten. Natürlich möchten wir damit auch etwas zur Atmosphäre des Lokals beitragen und unsere Gäste wie auch das Personal ansprechen und inspirieren.
Verantwortlich für die Ausstellungen ist Suprihatin Tukiyati.


Kamran Behrouz - Rejected Bodies
aktuelle ausstellung
30.04. bis 03.06.
30.04. / 19.00
‘Rejected bodies’ is a space intervention, in ‘Ziegel oh Lac’—metaphorically and literally as a place for nourishment. ‘Rejected bodies’ aims to pose questions such as: what should or shouldn’t be in public? Which colors? Which forms? who has been excluded from the public gaze? already and why? and what do we really mean by "public" anyway? ‘Rejected bodies’ invites you to break the monotony of normality, to create kinship, to practice Non-Fascist life, collectively and affirmatively. As Judith Butler brilliantly said "For politics to take place, the body must appear", therefore, this work is an invitation for Your corporeality!
This work is a tribute to Sharon Hayes’s invitation, almost after 10 years:

"We are looking for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transmen, transwomen, queers, fags, dykes, muff drivers, bull daggers, queens, drama queens, flaming queens, trannies, fairies, gym boys, boxing boys, boxing girls, pitchers, catchers, butches, bois, FtoMs, MtoFs, old maids, Miss Kittens, Dear Johns, inverts, perverts, girlfriends, drag kings, prom queens, happy people, alien sexualities or anything else you want to be or are and wish to bring out for the event!" — S.Hayes


Kamran Behrouz is a Visual Artist, born and raised in Tehran, currently working and living in Zurich. He works with multiple medias, and combines the act of painting with animation, installations, costumes, and performance. His works deal with ‘politics of location’ in association with Cosmopolitics. Kamran saturates the Queer Identity throughout his art, in order to draw a cartography of belonging and displacement. Politics of image center his visual practices, transfigured in his theoretical works, as cultural translations and textual trafficking. His latest publication is a translation of Sara Ahmed’s latest essay in Persian language, a language that does not register gender.